one more for Harrison, by Lisa Heft

Open Space
Near and far,

Openly and freely,
Expanding our

Haiku for Harrison, on His 65th Birthday by Lisa Heft

in walks harrison
old hat perched upon his head
mischief in his eye

let go the outcome
hold onto the dinghy, folks
go where it takes you

see what happens when
you invite chaos to play
spirit catches fire

he’s been lighting fires
across the world and then some
never put them out

spirit is a funny thing
comes into space and reshapes
cannot fit back in

let loose this power
to create change in the world
person by person

change creates more change
harrison is changing, too
feels his path beckons

two martini guy
uses own law of two feet
walks towards the future

time for the unknown
nutrition for harrison
more food for the soul

this one is simple
this is not rocket science
just breathe and let go...

Holding Things Lightly by Carmela Ariza

Allow me
To hold things lightly
For when I cling to them
I lose sight
Of the more beautiful
Of the more important
And the more fulfilling
Things in life

When I have an idea
Give me the wisdom
To hold it lightly
That I may give room
For this idea to grow
Along with other ideas
Collective wisdom

When I have an opinion
Whether about an issue
Or about a person
Or even an event
Allow me to hold this opinion
So that I could lend an ear
To other opinions I hear

When I have something
I call my favorite thing
Allow me to hold it lightly
So that I will not hold it
Too tightly
Grasping for more
Never letting go
Hurting myself or others

When I hold someone dearly
Allow me to relax my grip
On the one I love
So that she may grow
Through and with others
Affirming my part
As well as the role of others
In forming and shaping my beloved

When I am so attached to my life
Allow me to see beyond this life
And when the end is near
I shall gracefully exit
Not fearing
Nor doubting
That this road ahead
Is where I am meant to be

Help me to hold things lightly
Suspending my thoughts
Making space for something new
Stepping back
Taking a different view
Confirming, disconfirming
Breathing in, breathing out
Simply letting go

Loving My Blank Walls

I love my blank walls

They are empty spaces
For treasures of my heart

They are my open spaces
Where I play and dance

There I draw
Dreams and visions

There I start anew
Awakening fresh each morning

There my mind wanders
Coloring my canvass with ideas

There I forget
And I remember

There I am
There I am not

Carmela Ariza (Manila, the Philippines)





Kerry Napuk (Edinburgh, Scotland)

Open Spaces in My Heart

I put this poem together from words used by participants in the Open Space on Future of Learning in Manila in 2011. As I listened I wrote down all the beautiful words and phrases and organized them. I listened and wrote, and when It was my turn to speak, I read this piece. SEAMEO Innotech, Manila, March 2012.

Help us to just be
Not controlling

Help us share what we learned
To listen to everyone since we are all brilliant and wise

Fill us with hope
So that we may be the rockets and stars in open space

As we sit at the edge of the lake, keep us still and peaceful
So that we can marvel at the beauty of open spaces

Thank you for the gift of the moment
To slow down, because to be slow also means to be fast

Lead us to walk towards
what is life giving

We were initially hesitant
But we have learned to open ourselves to others

We have found the open space
in our silence within

From living in tight spaces
We now know how to live in open spaces

We thank the sacred source
For the space of humility and listening from the heart
For our nature is to be free

Within this happy sacred circle
Help us bring healing to others

Make our circle continuously open
So that our learning will never stop

Thank you that we have regained our lost passion
And turned our cynicism into idealism

Beyond this meeting
Use our passions to shape a better future

May this be just a beginning of more open spaces
New choices, which are the key to freedom

Keep us curious
Help us sustain the convergence

Instil in us a sense of urgency
To embrace and own the direction towards what is right and good.

Carmela Ariza (Manila, the Philippines)

Space Open Circle

From 'Open Space Technology - A Users Guide' by Harrison Owen. I have made selections from the original text and decided how to shape and punctuate it. I have removed all the other words from the book and none from the selected phrases.

The circle is the fundamental geometry
of human communication.

A circle has no head or feet,
no high or low
no sides to take;
in a circle people can simply be
with each other,
face to face.

The geometry of the circle
and the rhythm of breath.

Show Up
Be Present
Tell The Truth
Let It All Go.

Do nothing and remain

Be prepared
to be

Who ever heard of a square of friends?

Jonathan Coe (London, England)